HMS Loire sending her boats and landing party ashore at Muros Bay, Northwest Spain, to attack the fort and "cut out" two small enemy privateers, June 1805.

HMS Magnificent as she looked after her narrow escape from wrecking on a reef in Basque Roads, France - 17th December 1812.

The Honorable East India Company's Ship "Repulse" in dock.

St Katherine Docks, London - opening ceremony, October 1828.

Honorable "EIC Ship "Inglis" off Dover.

"Duke of Northumberland" Indiaman, under Captain WL Pope, in heavy seas off the Cape of Good Hope, c.1833.

The "Larkins" East Indiaman, depicted here (in a sketchby marine artist, JC Schetky) lying in Blackwall Docks - dated (Thursday) 27th April 1843 - not long after Michael Spinks had served as Boatswain on her.

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11.04 | 15:38

Volunteeres from HCS Macqueen are here. My ancestor George Fox was a seaman on that Macqueen trip. I wonder if George was on any other voyages.

04.09 | 11:06

It is good to know about the services of MICHAEL SPINKS. I will let my brother know about these after my

17.08 | 10:43

Blackwall London is a district and good place to explore. I have been there before my and had good experience

23.02 | 20:25

Brilliant account; brilliantly researched.
They that go down to the sea in ships,
That do business in great waters;
He quiets the night and ebbs the tide... :