Record of Michael SPINK(S), a B[oatswain] in the Central Register of [Merchant] Seamen, series 2, part 1, created in the mid-1830s. It references crew lists for the ships 'Walmer Castle' and 'Boyne'. (The Golconda's crew list did not survive...)

This album is intended to be a collection of original documents pertaining to my research into seafaring ancestors... 

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11.04 | 15:38

Volunteeres from HCS Macqueen are here. My ancestor George Fox was a seaman on that Macqueen trip. I wonder if George was on any other voyages.

04.09 | 11:06

It is good to know about the services of MICHAEL SPINKS. I will let my brother know about these after my

17.08 | 10:43

Blackwall London is a district and good place to explore. I have been there before my and had good experience

23.02 | 20:25

Brilliant account; brilliantly researched.
They that go down to the sea in ships,
That do business in great waters;
He quiets the night and ebbs the tide... :