Crew List

SHIP'S COMPANY of the Honourable [East India] Company's Ship "ROSE"  
covering her (8th) voyage from England to Madras and Calcutta, and back via St Helena to England, 1826-27.  
N.B. All the crew officially joined at Gravesend on 16th May 1826, and the vast majority were discharged on the ship's arrival at the East India Docks, at around midnight on 21-22 June 1827. The journal ends on 26th July 1827, after all the cargo had been cleared out.
No. Christian name(s)  Surname  Rank/Rating/Station "Casualties" My additional research (using Farrington's EIC Maritime Service biography/index of Officers & misc online sources)
1 [Captain] Thomas Marquis, Esquire Commander   Bio: Born 17 Dec 1786 at Cullen, Banffshire, son of James & Janet. Career: 4th Mate EARL SPENCER (2) 1806; 3rd Mate EARL SPENCER (2) 1808; 2nd Mate EARL SPENCER (2) 1810; 2nd Mate PRINCE REGENT 1812; 1st Mate PRINCE REGENT 1814; Capt LADY CAMPBELL 1816 & 1820 [Did he perform another voyage in that ship in c.1818, in the free trade? His younger brother, WIlliam Marquis apparently did a voyage to Madras & Bengal, lasting 1yr 11m, as 5th mate of that ship.]; Capt ROSE (4) 1824, 1826, 1828, 1831 & 1833. Married Louisa Parlby 27 Dec 1816 Berhampore (India). Children: Louisa Mary b 6 Oct & baptised 3 Nov 1817 St Pancras, London; Jessy b 30 May & bap 1 July 1820 Sheffield; James b 5 March & bap 6 Apr 1824 St Pancras; Caroline b 8 June & bap 8 August 1826 St Pancras; Rose Hannah bapt 30 Oct 1828 St Pancras - Source: Farrington. Capt Marquis died 13th Dec 1867 at No. 5 St Stephen's Road, Paddington, Middlesex. Effects under £1500. Will proved 8th Janaury 1868 by A.J. TAPSON, Surgeon, one of the Executors - source: National Probate Calendar.
2 Robert Pitcher Chief Mate   Bio: Born 25th March 1786, and baptised 27th April 1786 at St Paul, Deptford, son of Thomas PITCHER, shipwright, & Ann Elizabeth, of Union St. Robert apparently had two older brothers (Thomas & Edward) who also entered East India Company Maritime Service as Mids. Career: Seaman HOPE [2] 1803 & 1805; 4th Mate HOPE [2] 1807; 3rd Mate CANTON 1810; 2nd Mate ROYAL CHARLOTTE 1812 & 1814; 1st Mate "Broxbornebury" to India [Free Trader, commanded by his brother Thomas - see Lloyd's Register for 1814-5]; Chief Mate "Lord Wellington" [Free Trader] to Batavia 1820; 2nd Mate REGENT 1822 - wrecked [off Manila], then became Master of a French Brig from Manila to Batavia(!); home as Passenger in "Countess of Harcourt"; 1st Mate of "Golconda" to Madras, home as Passenger in "Fairlie" [no date given by Farrington]; Chief Mate ROSE [4]; made his last voyage in EIC Sevice as Chief Mate of ASIA [6] (Captain T.F. BALDERSTON) in 1828-29, with John MILLER ("Chronometer Jack") as 2nd Mate. Assume he found further service on board Free Traders... DEATH NOTICES in "ASIATIC JOURNAL": 19 [August 1837] - On board the Vansittart [at Calcutta], Robert Pitcher, Esq., first officer of that vessel. Death date confirmed in EIC "Maritime Service Compensations" book at BL. [Source of remainder of Pitcher's career data: A. FARRINGTON, Biographical Index EIC officers, p. 627].
3 Folliott Warren Barton 2nd Mate    Bio: Baptised 25 Sept 1798 at St Anne's Church, Dublin, son of William Barton, Esq., & Ann Isabella. Career: Served in Royal Navy 1 yr 6 months. 6th Mate WINCHELSEA [3] 1817; 4th Mate KELLIE CASTLE 1819; 3rd Mate ROSE [4] 1821; 2nd Mate ROSE [4] 1826 [his last voyage according to Farrington]. Not compensated by EIC in 1834. Apparently returned to Ireland, dying at Irvinestown, Fermanagh in 1870 (aged 72).
4 Joseph Asley [sic- Ashley] Senhouse 3rd Mate    Bio: Born 29 Apr Ackleby Cumberland & bapt 12 Aug 1791, Plumline Cumberland, son of Joseph SENHOUSE & Mary [nee ASHLEY]. EIC Career (from Farrington): Midshipman ELPHINSTONE 1807/8; 5th Mate ARNISTON 1809/10 4th Mate ARNISTON 1811/2; 3rd Mate SURREY (1) 1813/14; 2nd Mate COLDSTREAM 1815/16; 3rd Mate ROSE (4) 1826; 2nd Mate ROSE (4) 1828. [Never married according to 1861 census. Died 1867 Qtr4, aged 76 in St James' Westminster.]
5 Charles White 4th Mate    Bap 24 April 1802 @ Wetheringsett, Suffolk, son of Jeremiah & Anne. Career: Midshipman MACQUEEN 1822 & 1824; 4th Mate ROSE [4] 1826; 3rd Mate ROSE [4] 1828; 3rd Mate WARREN HASTINGS [3] 1833. Married Harriet, son Charles Henry Hawtrey WHITE, bap 10 Jan 1835.
6 Robarts [William] Elton 5th Mate    Born 5 January 1808 and bapt 25 March 1808 @ Little Burstead, Essex, son of Jacob ELTON & Charlotte [this info not given in Farrington's work]. Only this voyage recorded by Farrington. Gave up his fledgling career in the EIC's Maritime Service in 1827 and enlisted for the Bengal Infantry instead (in August 1828). His career was advanced by a recommendation from EIC Director Charles ELTON Prescott (presume a relative).
7 Alexander  Stirling Surgeon   No birth details given in Farrington's work. Career: Surgeon's Mate ROSE (4) 1821; Surgeon ROSE (4) 1824 & 1826; Surgeon MARQUIS OF HUNTLY 1828; Surgeon ABERCROMBIE ROBINSON 1830 & 1832. [No other biographical details noted in Farrington's work. From 'Asiatic Journal', March 1838, p. 181. DIED: 27[th Oct. 1837] at Calcutta, Dr. Alex. Stirling, aged 37.]
8 John Milroy Purser   No birth details given in Farrington's work. Apparently this was his last voyage (of seven, six of them, beginning 1814/15 on "ROSE" [4], all as Purser) in the EIC Maritime Service. [His very first voyage was as Purser of OCEAN [6] in 1811/12. He later (in 1832-33) became 'principal managing owner' of "ROSE [4]" and, after the EIC's trading monopoly was abolished, bought the ship [see newspaper article]. 
9 Michael Spinks Boatswain   Born Portsmouth, Hants, 1791; son of Michael SPINKS (Boatswain's Mate in the Navy) and Susannah ROOM(S). Served Royal Navy 31 Dec 1802 until 9th Aug 1814 (discharged through long service upon initial ending of Napoleonic Wars). Married Ann ALLFORD in August 1819 in St George in the East Parish Church, nr Stepney, London. They had three daughters at the time he departed on this, his fourth voyage as Boatswain in the EIC Maritime Service. Additionally, another baby was on the way - his first son Michael, who was born at Vinegar Lane, St George in the East Parish, on 14th Feb 1827, and baptised 1st June that year (before his father had returned from this voyage!).
10 Robert Anderson Gunner   Died at Saugor on 9th Feb 1829, during the following voyage of the "Rose" (his sixth in total - fifth as Gunner; all but one of which were on ships commadned by Captain MARQUIS).  Robert was of the parish of St Paul's, Deptford, when he married Catharine DOWIE (spinster, originally from Newburgh, Fife) by license at St Botolph, Aldgate, Middx, on 28th January 1820. (The Carpenter John TOD, apparently witnessed their wedding.) Widow Catharine (aged 51, of High St, Poplar) petitioned the Poplar Fund (see L-MAR-C-825, mis-indexed on findmypast as being for 1820) and was granted £12 per annum.
11 Dennis Fitzpatrick Master at Arms   [Nothing more known.]
12 John Tod[d] Carpenter   John TOD (Carpenter) granted a gratuity of £118 in 1835 (though not an annuity, since he had not completed 10 years' service within his rank). He was born at Newburgh, Fife on 1st July 1799, son of John TOD (Shipmaster) and Agnes RICHARDSON. Married Elizabeth TAYLOR in Hackney July 18??. He had made four voyages (ending in August 1829), three as Carpenter of the "Rose". [See service statement,in BL, L/MAR/C/850E.]
13 Joseph Sandys Walch/Walsh Midshipman & Coxswain   One Joseph Sandys WALSH appears in Death Duty Registers for 1844 - he was then a resident of Dublin.
14 Mat[t]hew Schnell Midshipman Run at Calcutta [actually Saugor] on 8th Feb'y 1827 Think he may have actually been born in Calcutta, son of another Matthew, as there is (in the India Office records) a baptism entry for a Matthew SCHNELL in Fort William in January 1814, who was six years old at the time, therefore making him 18 when he sailed on the ROSE. Unable to find out what became of him after his 'desertion'.
15 Henry Atwick  Penton Midshipman   Had been baptised as Henry ATWEEK Penton 21 Dec 1809 @ Fareham, Hants, son of George & Mary. Married Catherine HICKS, 5 July 1836 @ St Thomas, Portsmouth. Apparently gave up the sea and by 1851 had become a Miller in Fareham, Hampshire (near his birthplace) - see census; in 1861 he had become 'Collector of Poor Rates'. Died (name recorded as Henry ATWEEK Penton) in 1869, Q2, aged 60.
16 James [Castle] Scrivenor Midshipman   James Castle SCRIVENER, in Farrington's index. Bio: b 29 Mar & bap 25 Apr 1811 Clapham, Surrey, 5th s of Henry, Esq, & Elizabeth (nee Craiston) . Career: Midshipman INGLIS 1824/5; Midshipman ROSE [4] 1826; 6th Mate ASIA (6) 1828; 5th Mate ABERCROMBIE ROBINSON 1829/30 & 4th Mate ditto 1831/2.
17 George Edward Hagar/Hagan Midshipman   Apparently gave up the sea and became an Indigo planter at Sheerpore in Bengal, died there on 9 Dec 1830 - left a will, proved in 1831 (see findmypast). 
18 Frederick Callicott Surgeon's Mate    Never made full Surgeon in the EIC Maritime Service. Granted compensation of £200 in 1835 (but no annuity). Record states he died 2.12.1854 - confirmed with GRO index - death in Qtr4, (City of) London.
19 Charles C. Innes [Midshipman - ledger]   No more known about him - not compensated.
20 Patrick Brodie [Midshipman - ledger]   No more known about him - not compensated (unless under name of Walter Brodie, 4th Mate).
21 Danial [i.e. Daniel] Wilson Caulker    
22 James Lebone [Leabon - ledger] Cooper    
23 Henery [i.e. Henry] Bull Captain's Cook Run at Calcutta [actually Saugor] on 8th Feb'y 1827  
24 William B. Cartwright Ship's Cook    
25 Joseph Harvey Captain's Steward    
26 William Ashford Ship's Steward    
27 William Sellars/Sellers Boatswain's Mate [In Journal body - "Departed this life 17th April 1827, at 8 AM"] Balance of wages and his effects (which sold for £1 16s & 6d), paid Cathrina(?) MULLER, (widow), sister & administratrix [of the deceased]. "No Will".
28 Thomas Found Boatswain's Mate    
29 James Wilson Gunner's Mate    
30 John Thomas Gunner's Mate    
31 James Devereux Carpenter's 1st Mate    
32 Fredrick [i.e. Frederick] Crips [Cripps] Carpenter's 2nd Mate   Subsequently served with Michael Spinks on "Abercrombie Robinson".
33 Anthony Hall Caulker's Mate     
34 John Telfer Cooper's Mate Drowned [at Diamond Harbour] 28th October 1826  
35 John Thompson Quarter Master     
36 William Mills Quarter Master  Died at Saugor 13th February 1827  
37 Peter Lawson Quarter Master     
38 Samuel Wheeler Quarter Master     
39 Henery [i.e. Henry] Palend(?) [Paheed - ledger] Quarter Master     
40 Henry  Hunt Quarter Master     
41 Richard Phillps [Phillips] Sail Maker Died at Sea 7th March 1827 Effects sold for £7 4s 6d, paid with his outstanding wages to widow Agnes, July 1827.
42 Robert Bowden Armourer    
43 Rubin [or Reuben] Merrit Butcher   Subsequently served with Michael Spinks on "Abercrombie Robinson".
44 James Strong Baker    
45 Robert West Poulterer    
46 James Dean Captain's Servant    
47 Thomas Boulton Captain's Servant    
48 John Goldfinch Surgeon's Servant    
49 James North [Able] Seaman    
50 John Chapman [Able] Seaman    
51 Thomas Blackwood [Able] Seaman    
52 Thomas Dubattle [Dewbattle] [Able] Seaman   Subsequently served with Michael Spinks on "Abercrombie Robinson" (during which voyage he died).
53 John Johnson [Able] Seaman   Probably same John JOHNSON who had served with Michael Spinks on the "Repulse" (immediately before the "Rose" voyage).
54 William Chapman [Able] Seaman   Probably same William CHAPMAN who served with Michael Spinks on the "Abercrombie Robinson"; during which voyage he was promoted Gunner.
55 Peter Dunn [Able] Seaman    
56 William Vaughan [Able] Seaman    
57 James Sprigs [Spriggs] [Able] Seaman   Subsequently served with Michael Spinks on "Abercrombie Robinson".
58 William Sharp [Able] Seaman    
59 Joseph Mole [Able] Seaman    
60 John Hill [Able] Seaman    
61 John Neilson [Nelson - ledger] [Able] Seaman    
62 John Brown [Able] Seaman Missing on 22d September [1826], supposed to have fallen overboard the preceding night.  Presume this man fell overboard accidentally while anchored at Madras (rather than drowning in an attempt to desert), in any case he was never heard from again and his effects were sold on board on 9th Feb 1827 at Saugor [along with four other deceased men's belongings].
63 Thomas Jones [Able] Seaman    
64 John Thomas [Able] Seaman    
65 William Byers [Able] Seaman    
66 Thomas Madox [Maddox] [Able] Seaman    
67 Thomas Grunin [Able] Seaman    
68 John Collins [Able] Seaman    
69 William Robinson [Able] Seaman    
70 Jonas Parr [Able] Seaman    
71 John Bashford [Able] Seaman    
72 William Thompson [Able] Seaman   Name as written looks more like "Flumpson" than Thompson(!)
73 Thomas Reynolds [Able] Seaman    
74 John Walker [Able] Seaman    
75 William Willis [Able] Seaman Died at Diamond Harbour, 3rd December 1826  
76 Henery [i.e. Henry] Atkinson [Able] Seaman    
77 Horatio [Gilbert] Adams [Able] Seaman    
78 John Keys [Able] Seaman    
79 Robert Clark [Able] Seaman    
80 Richard Scrimes [Able] Seaman    
81 John Hopkins [Able] Seaman    
82 William Smart [Able] Seaman    
83 Duncan Maclean [Able] Seaman    
84 William Cox [Able] Seaman    
85 Patrick or Patt Calligan [or Cullyan] [Able] Seaman Fell from the Main Rigging on the 17th August [1826] & was Killed  
86 Isaac Whitefield [Whitfield] [Able] Seaman    
87 Richard [Henry] Kitchen [Able] Seaman    
88 Emanuel [or Manuel] Baska [Able] Seaman    
89 William Driver [Able] Seaman   William DRIVER had been a shipmate of Michael SPINKS before on the "Repulse", and would serve with him again on the "Abercrombie Robinson" voyage, towards the end of which he (DRIVER) died. (In fact, DRIVER appears to be the only man - officer or otherwise (excepting only Captain J.P. WILSON) - who served alongside Michael on three voyages in the EI Company's Maritime Service.
90 Michael Soloni [Solom - ledger] [Able] Seaman    
91 Henery [i.e. Henry] Copeland [Able] Seaman    
92 Edward Walby [Able] Seaman [Made Captain's Cook 8 Feb'y 1827 - ledger]  
93 Fredrick [i.e. Frederick] Rick/Rich [Able] Seaman    
94 John Schrieve [Able] Seaman    
95 Fredrick [i.e. Frederick] Gastin [Able] Seaman    
96 Thomas Collyer [Collier] [Able] Seaman    
97 John MacGuire [Able] Seaman Died at Diamond Harbour 12th Dec'r 1826  
98 John Macgowans [McGowan] [Able] Seaman    
99 John Carpenter [Able] Seaman    
100 Thomas Clark [Able] Seaman    
101 [none given] Alen [Able] Seaman   [Both crew list within journal & the ledger do not record his first name; assume he was possibly a Lascar/Indian sailor. His wages were apparently paid to Mr MILROY, the ship's purser!]
102 Edward Lawler Ord[inar]y Seaman    
103 William Noakes Ordinary Seaman    
104 John Duggan [Duggin - ledger] Ordinary Seaman    
105 James Exter  Ordinary Seaman    
106 Samuel Maywood Ordinary Seaman    
107 William Martin Ordinary Seaman    
108 Henry  Hawkins Ordinary Seaman    
109 Thomas Tutnal Ordinary Seaman    
110 John L[ester] Haynes Ordinary Seaman    
111 Thomas Shad Ordinary Seaman    
112 John Dunn Ordinary Seaman    
113 John Shilton Ordinary Seaman    
114 Nathanial  Blackman Ordinary Seaman    
115 Samuel Grady Ordinary Seaman    
116 Thomas  Lester Ordinary Seaman    
117 Samuel Tuck Ordinary Seaman    
118 William Hornet/Harriet(?) Ordinary Seaman    
119 Stetephen [i.e. Stephen] McDonald Ordinary Seaman    
120 John Bowden Ordinary Seaman    
121 William Fox Ordinary Seaman    
122 Thomas Tribble Ordinary Seaman    
123 George Wrible [Weible - ledger] Ordinary Seaman    
124 James Evans Able Seaman Rec[eive]d on board at Diamond Harbour/Calcutta [27 Nov 1826 in ledger; 26 Nov 1826 in main body of jnl]
125 John Passander Able Seaman Rec[eive]d on board at Diamond Harbour/Calcutta [27 Nov 1826 in ledger; 29 Nov 1826 - main body of jnl]
[END] [END] [END] [END]    
  123 Ship's Company      
  40 Passengers (including their Servants)    
  9 Officers of H.M. Troops      
  210 Rank & File Troops      
  25 women (accompanying troops)      
  23 children (accompanying troops) [plus a couple of babies born during the passage to India! TCTS]  
  430 [TOTAL persons embarked on board HCS 'Rose' at Gravesend bound for Madras & Bengal in 1826.]  

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